Mobile Home Privilege Taxes  DUE DATE 09/27/2024

The procedures below are required by Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 35 ILCS 515.  Any person furnishing misinformation for purposes of registration or failing to file a required registration is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.


When purchasing a Mobile Home you must register with the County Assessor’s office within 30 days of purchase and must show the following.

1. The name, address of the owner, and every occupant of the mobile home.
2. The location, the year manufactured, and the total square feet of the mobile home.
3. The date that the mobile home became occupied.
4. The date the mobile home was initially placed in the county or was moved to a new location.
5. The mobile home license/serial number, the towing vehicle license number and the State
issuing the license.


1. Before buying a Mobile Home please contact the Bond County Treasurer’s Office to ensure there are no outstanding taxes against it. If you purchase a Mobile Home with a lien on it you will not get a clear title to your home.

2. Certification – State of Illinois requires all taxes to be paid before any changes can be made on a mobile home title. The certification form is completed by the Bond County Treasurer’s office (no fee) based on the information on the mobile home title. You will need to take the mobile home title and certification form to an Illinois Secretary of State Office for processing any changes.

3. When purchasing or moving a Mobile Home, any land owner on which an inhabited mobile home is located is required to register with the County Assessor’s office within 30 days of purchase.  Unless a Mobile Home is placed in a Manufactured Housing Park, the Mobile Home will be taxed as Real Estate and receive a Property Tax bill not a Mobile Home Tax Bill.

4. To move a Mobile Home you must receive a permit from the County Treasurer stating all taxes have been paid on the Mobile Home.  If you move a Mobile Home without a permit, you are guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.


Owner occupied mobile homes are eligible for a reduction of 20% of their total taxes if the owners are at least 65 years of age or disabled. Eligible owners need to call the county assessor for an application.



1. Mobile Home assessments are determined for tax purposes in January of each year.  The owner of record as of January 1 is responsible for that year’s Mobile Home Privilege Tax.  Tax bills will be mailed by the Treasurer’s Office.  Click here for Important Tax Due Dates.  Tax bills must be paid on or before the due date shown on the tax bill.  After the due date, a $25.00 per month penalty with a maximum of $100 will be assessed to all outstanding balances.

2.  All Mobile Home Taxes not paid before the date of the annual tax sale will be sold at the tax sale.  Click here for Important Tax Due Dates to find the date of the tax sale.  If sold taxes are not paid within two years and 6 months from the original tax sale date, the tax buyer can get a title to the mobile home.

3. If you receive a Mobile Home tax bill in error or if any information on your Mobile Home tax bill is incorrect, please contact the County Treasurer’s office at 618-664-0618.